Almost there!

April 16, 2011

Alright! Just a month to go! I’m beginning to think about extending this thing for a year, since it went so well for six months. I’ll have to do a major stash toss and pattern search though, because I managed to knit up a lot of the patterns I’ve had my eye on for a good long while.

I did manage to acquire yarn this month, using up both of my get out of jail free cards – one purchase was yarn for something for a friend who’s currently having a hard time and the other for a friend who’s getting married! I also got lucky up in Saint Paul this weekend, when I went with my dad to pick out yarn for a pair of socks for his girlfriend and he decided to also pay for a skein of lovely red Malabrigo that tempted me.

Okay, onto this month’s progress!

I did manage to finish both of my OWLs for the Harry Potter Knit and Crochet House Cup, despite a wounded Ancient Runes shawl that had be laboriously repaired before being submitted.

It’s the shawl version of an Aeolian, knit from Knit Picks Alpaca Cloud in Tango Heather, bought over a year ago for another purpose. It was modified with a stockinette body, per the recipient’s request. She’s getting married in August and I’m glad I have this to send along, because it’s beginning to look like I won’t be able to make it.

Then there’s the second half of my Muggle Studies OWL, a Yosemite sweater that was dragging because I had fallen out of love with it. I felt better after I finished the body and tried it on – it was only finished because of the extremely flattering fit. It’s knit from Cascade Eco+, which was bought specifically for it about a year ago.

The next two projects are knit from some of the leftovers from the above two. A pair of booties from the Eco+ and a mini-Swallowtail from the Alpaca Cloud. I’m especially proud of that tiny shawl – I did all of the calculations myself.

Next up is a pair of colorwork mittens, knit entirely from leftover colors in my stash. It was pretty fun to come up with a workable combination from what I had available.

Finally, a pair of mini-socks knit from some possum yarn a friend bought in New Zealand.