March Stash Post

Once more, I managed to not buy yarn for a month. I didn’t even manage to acquire it through nefarious means.

Most of this month’s projects are projects from the end of February (actually…they all are). I haven’t started on class projects for March and my OWLs aren’t complete yet. Fingers crossed that they will be when I update in April.

First up is a true stashdown project – 14 baby hats knit entirely from stash I acquire back when I was first learning to knit.

Next is a pair of fingerless gloves knit from Blue Moon Socks that Rock Lightweight that’s been marinating in the stash since Sock Summit 2009. I decided to stop petting it and make it into something. Leftovers will be headed for the sock yarn blanket bag.

Third, an ugly pair of socks that I made into anklets because I couldn’t stand them anymore. They’re knit from Knit Picks Imagination, in the Pirate King colorway. One of those mistakes where you buy for the name, forgetting to imagine what it will look like knit up.

I don’t know what I’ll do with the leftovers. They’re an alpaca blend, so I’m not sure I want them in with the sock blanket scraps.

Finally, another true stashbuster, a pair of knee-highs knit from yarn leftover from a sweater from last September. A common failing of mine, buying so much yarn for a sweater that I have enough leftover for a pair of socks. *sigh*


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