Stash Busting Update

Well, it’s been exactly a month since I last purchased yarn (a selection of lovelies from both The Yarnery and Borealis Yarns in Saint Paul). It was a bit harder than I thought it would be, since it seemed that as soon as I posted my resolution, I started receiving notices from my favorite yarn-purchasing venues about their Christmas sales. However, I resisted temptation and knit solely from stash this past month.

So, a quick line-up – starting things off is a potholder, double-knit for extra thickness, that I knit for the in-house Gryffindor swap. The swap was character based and I had to put together a package representing Parvati Patil, which was kind of fun and challenging. You can see the reverse image of the potholder on my project page (Ravelry). The yarn for this came from two former projects – the gray yarn from my Fylingdales cardigan (Ravelry) and the purple from a Foliage hat (Ravelry) that I knit for a friend. I’ve also used that gray yarn on a pair of knee-high socks (Ravelry) and my first amigurumi (Ravelry) – I can’t seem to be rid of it.

Next, a pair of quick baby booties, to go into the pile for when friends start having babies.

Cute, no? The yarn for these came from my Trinity vest (Ravelry), which is from the same book as Fylingdales. This yarn also seems impossible to get rid of, but it’s useful for when I need scraps of brown for wee stuffed pumpkins and the like.

I did a lot of scrappy things in November it seems. Here’s a cat-toy dreidel (Ravelry) that I made for a friend’s cat in time for Hanukkah.  The yarn is from a doll I finished over the summer (I should do a post just on that doll).

Isn’t Boomer looking adorable?

Next up is a commission project for one of my aunts. Black yarn = hard to photograph well.

This is this yarn’s first outing, but there were enough scraps that I’ll probably be able to get a blanket square or two out of them.

The scraps of yarn for this next project came from the Christmas ornaments I made last year, along with a pair of fair isle mittens (Ravelry). It’s a good thing they weren scraps, because I’m afraid that I treated them very poorly indeed.

Yes, that is our Thanksgiving turkey.

Almost finishing up here, I have another commission project (Ravelry), so the yarn was new (purchased by someone else!). There’s enough left over for a sock blanket square or three.

The last I’ve decided to save for another post, because 1) The recipient might be reading this and 2) It ties in better as a story with a knitting adventure I had at the end of the summer. Hopefully I’ll have something up about that soon, but if not, see January 16th!


One Response to Stash Busting Update

  1. Sus says:

    Michael was very happy that his turkey made your blog.

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