What I Have Learned While Studying for the MCAT

1. I know more Latin than I think I do. Anything with -ase attached to it means that it breaks up whatever is attached to the front. In other words, maltase breaks up maltose, a sugar. You can tell it’s a sugar because it ends in -ose. Lactase –> lactose. Sucrase –> sucrose. And so forth.

2. My Biology professor taught us nothing useful about animals or the human body. That’s right – I’m going into the MCAT with a ninth grade biology understanding of the human body. Fungi? Forget it.

3. I still hate the Kreb’s Cycle.

4. College organic chemistry courses are there to prepare you to become chemists. Doctors are not chemists. MCAT organic chemistry is baby organic chemistry. I believe that the requirement made by most medical schools that applicants have at least two semesters of organic chemistry has two purposes:

– To make sure the applicants know some of the chemistry that is not taught in the first two semesters, in general chemistry.

– To weed out the weak-willed from the herd.

5. The math required for the MCAT does not rise above ninth grade basics. This is amusing because the physics required for the MCAT is all calculus based.

6. I am not as worried about the Verbal Reasoning section as I should be.


One Response to What I Have Learned While Studying for the MCAT

  1. Marie says:

    lol! wow, I wonder how I would have done on the MCAT? I took enough chemistry to have a minor, because I needed to apply for vet school, then only applied to schools that didn’t need the MCAT test because I was scared of the test…I hope you do really really well on it!

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