Ice Skating

Just a few photos from ice skating this past Sunday. A lot more people were supposed to show up, but there was such a long gap between the the planning stage and the execution that most forgot and it turned into a housemates-only activity.

Lisa plays hockey, but I haven’t skated since they closed the rink in Tucson and Charlie was a little vague on his experience. His skating was a little vague as well, but he managed to stay upright for the most part.

Sorry Charlie, it was you with your eyes closed or me with a rather unflattering look on my face.

The rink was pretty nice and just right up the street from the house. They have an hour and a half of open skate between al the kids running around for hockey practice. There was also a rather high (and adorable) proportion of fathers with teeny-tiny daughters, teaching them how to skate, as well as a mix of novice to experienced skaters. Just like the roller skating rink back in Tucson, the experienced skaters seemed to be for nothing except to intimidate everyone else by skating just a little too closely.

Luckily, this rink had something I hadn’t seen before – rink guards, there to help you up when you fell, offer skating advice, and keep the sheep in line for the most part.


2 Responses to Ice Skating

  1. CB says:

    The definitive guide to Charlie’s experience: Prior to the event documented in your post, I’d been ice-skating once, about two years ago. I stuck at it long enough that I was getting around the rink without falling down about two times in three.

  2. Sus says:

    The even more definitive guide to Charlie’s experience: he also went skating with his preschool class back in Boston. I’m sure his skills are just as remarkable now.

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