We got about 3-4 inches of snow last night and I thought I’d take this opportunity to chuck Boomer into it, in case it doesn’t snow again (hah!). Here she’s hightailing for the bush in front of the house…

…and here she is hiding under it. Presumably she could see that there was less snow under there.

After that, she made for the front door and I soothed her hurt feelings with half a can of turkey Fancy Feast.


2 Responses to Bonus!

  1. Dad says:

    I’d know that orange tabby dipped tail anywhere!

  2. Sus says:

    Hi. Just discovered your new blog. The knitting is beautiful, the cat is cute and looks considerably happier now than the last time I saw her, the snow looks cold, and Charlie looks way too proud of his lint blanket. Can’t wait to see the pictures of Charlie knitting. I guess he gave up waiting for me to knit him something. Probably a wise choice considering the single mitten that’s still waiting for a friend from when he was about two.

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