February Finished Objects

I know, I know, February’s less than half over. Still, I’ve finished everything for 14valentines and I have nothing I need to knit for the next two weeks. I have yarn and I have projects in mind, but I need a break.

Anyway. Onwards!

First up is the most recently completed (and by recent, I mean a half an hour ago), my Eiffel sweater. It’s knit from Jarbo Garn Tropik, a bamboo/cotton/acrylic blend that is very soft and was pleasant to knit with.

I had some problems starting out with the sleeve increases and it sort of colored how the rest of this went. I found myself second-guessing the designer on every point, only to discover that they were pretty much right on most scores. The pattern is free, available from Knitty here.

Moving back in time, the Adamas Shawl:

I used the pattern recommended yarn for this, since I already had it in my stash, Knit Picks Shadow in Vineyard Heather. I added the beads myself and I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out.

This pattern is also available for free, here.

Here’s my housemate modelling it:

Finally, the Slippery Socks from four months and a blog ago:

They turned out nice and thick and comfy. Thanks to a friend, I have a whole other skein of Mountain Colors Bearfoot to play with. Maybe a sweater for the cat. This pattern is available here.

Now, I’m going to go take a break.  There’s a hat for my dad and some baby items in the pipeline, but I need a few days of mindless TV first.


One Response to February Finished Objects

  1. Dad says:

    Well done! They’re all beautiful, especially the Eiffel sweater. It turned out very well from its humble beginnings way back on another continent so far away…

    A kitty sweater? Can’t wait to see Boomer in that!

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