Night of the Living Lint

On Sunday, my housemates and I did something that might be considered atypical of college students – we spent an hour or so our free time cleaning the house. The previous occupants had been a little lax in that department and sporadic cries of disgust were heard throughout the house as one of us or the other expressed our disbelief at some collection of dust or crud. The stove was particularly nasty.

However, the biggest surprise came later that night when I went to move the laundry along. I hadn’t cleaned out the lint trap when I did laundry last week and decided that now would be a good time to scrape it clean.

Here’s what I found:

What’s that, you say? Could it be?

That’s right, it’s a solid centimeter of pure lint. Nobody had cleaned it out in months. Nasty. Also, fire hazard and the probable reason the dryer did such an awful job this past week.

In other news, Charlie has succumbed to the allure of knitting (pictures forthcoming), I finished a pair of mittens and a shawl, and the cat is still cute.


2 Responses to Night of the Living Lint

  1. Dad says:

    The 2nd photo of the lint makes it look like a fish! And I see Boomer has reached “poser” status. Very nice photo of her including the lighting, even if it may have been accidental.

    Watch out for all FIRE HAZARDS!!

  2. Mom says:

    Hi Boomer! Muffy and I miss you! But now I can leave the back door open and not worry about you running out.

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