January Finished Objects

January is a fairly productive month for me, thanks to 14valentines, which is basically my version of Christmas knitting, with all the attendant panic, despite my “years of experience” (all three of them).

First up were the Simply Ginny socks. I had more trouble with these than I’d had with a pair of socks in a while. The yarn was on the thin side for fingering and it made the spots where I divided the stitches among the needles really obvious. Otherwise, they’re really soft and I had a lot of fun knitting socks that only took about four days total to knit. Now I just need to cut down on the time between each sock.

My biggest accomplishment this month was a set for my cousin’s second baby. I realized rather late in the game that I had knit a blanket and dress for the baby’s older sister but the new little girl had nothing.

I chose a few patterns, including Saartje’s booties, one I had done before. Very fiddly, but worth it with the right buttons. The sweater is ‘Baby Mine’ by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee and the hat is the Norwegian Sweet Baby Cap by Gro. This was my first time trying out Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks That Rock and I’m fairly pleased. I think I’ll be using it for special projects that aren’t actually socks, since all of their colorways are much to pretty to cover up with shoes and jeans and my search for clear plastic sneakers has failed me.

Finally, on the last day of January, I managed to finish off a pair of mittens.

These are the Cat Mittens, designed by Jorid Linvik, available for purchase here. I took a crack at a pair of Selbuvotter about a year ago, finished one mitten and inexplicably hated the thing. It looked fine, but all I wanted to do was chew it up, throw it in the compost pile and forget the cursed thing ever existed. This time, it worked out. I think the cats might have made a difference.

14valentines started today and I’m not quite running behind. The projects for the 6th, the 10th, and the 13th are…not quite there. So join me as I panic slightly and attempt to finish a sock, a shawl, and a sweater in two weeks.


One Response to January Finished Objects

  1. Dad says:

    That baby set is truly handsome looking! And nicely photographed as well. Good luck with your upcoming projects-on-a-deadline!

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