The Bravest Cat

January 29, 2009


So apparently it’s harder to maintain a blog when all you want to do is knit, sleep, and watch TV in English. Who knew?

Since my last post, I’ve finished four of the items previously featured, my cousin has both had her baby and received the items I knit for her, and I have moved myself, two boxes, and a cat up to Minnesota for the spring semester of my junior year.*

As you might be able to tell, the cat was not pleased.

I’m living in a house off campus this year with two of my friends, one whom I made at college, the other I’ve known since 7th grade. So far things have been going well, save for the house being…slightly chilly. The heater is rather inefficient and the others have succumbed to space heaters. I’m being a penny-pincher and holding out for a bit longer in hopes that it will miraculously warm up.**

Boomer*** spent the first three days or so living under my bed. Her territory has been slowly expanding as time goes on, to the point that she’ll follow me all over the house and occasionally explore on her own if the three humans are out in the common area. She also seems to enjoy being able to sleep on my bed without the interference from our four older cats in Arizona.

Classes started on Monday and seem to be going well, though I was put out to discover that not only is my biology class being taught by the same professor I’ve had for the past two and a half years, but is in the same classroom that we’ve been using for that same time period.

That’s all for now, I’ll try and get a post up tomorrow about the finished knitting and my extracurricular activities.

* Random side note – as I type this in the library, I am not five feet from a text entitled “The Complete Book of Fingermath.”

** The fridge has joined the house in the warm resistance – my tea had ice floating in it this morning.

*** Brownie points if you know where I got the name. No fair guessing if I’ve already told you.


Cast (On) Party

January 1, 2009

This is everything I currently have in progress, knitting-wise. All of it has to be done by, say, February 1?

Every year, I participate in something called 14valentines on LiveJournal. It’s not a fundraiser, but rather a way for artists and writers and anyone who can think of a way to participate to raise awareness about womens’ issues. Every day for the first fourteen of February, the organizers post an essay about the issue of the day and highlight a charity focused on that issue.

Starting last year, participants provided a link to the post featuring what they had written/drawn/baked/knit/created icons and a post was made at the end of the day listing everyone’s accomplishments.

In 2007, the first year 14valentines was opened up for everybody, I decided to participate. Coming off of 4 years of high school art, I figured I’d probably draw something for each day.  Instead, a few months of procrastination later, I realized that I most definitely did not have 14 drawings worthy of being posted in the public eye. I did, however, have quite a few knitted items.

Thus, for the past two years, for the first fourteen days of February I have posted something that I have completed since the previous February. I’ve had various goals in the past, mostly focussed on topping last year’s performance. Next year I hope to show projects with a focus on charity knitting.

Anyways, show-off time:

Starting from the top and going clockwise, the first project is a pair of Simply Ginny Socks! a free pattern by Anna Peck. I’m knitting with them with Berroco‘s (vaguely) new sock yarn, Ultra Alpaca Fine, in Potting Soil. I love this yarn – it’s a little thin for a sock yarn, so I’ve switched to using size 0s and 1s, rather than the pattern’s recommended 2s and 3s.

Next is the material for a baby set for my cousin’s new baby, due in January, including booties, a hat, and a sweater in Blue Moon‘s Socks That Rock Mediumweight, in the color Oregon Clover Honey. The booties are almost done, I used Saartje’s pattern (in the right-hand column, free) because, while it’s a pretty fiddly pattern, the results are adorable. The Sweet Baby Cap (free) and the sweater, Stephanie Pearl-McPhee‘s Baby Mine (not free), haven’t been cast-on yet, but I’m not too worried about them. I have plenty of time.


Next to the baby set materials is something most of you should be familiar with – Eiffel, still unfinished, mostly because I want the darn thing to get past my waist and it’s taking more yarn than I had planned on. I had to get over to the LYS to pick up more of Jarbo Garn‘s (Swedish) Tropik, a cotton/acrylic/bamboo blend that’s working out pretty well. It doesn’t shed too much while I knit and it’s truly soft.

The black-and-white thing on the far left is one of Jorid Linvik‘s (Norwegian) Cat Mittens (not free). Jorid’s doing something neat – patterns that have many traditional Scandinavian design elements, but incorporate cats, birds, and other animals into the main part of the design. I’m using Knit PicksPalette in White and Black and they’re are going really fast, considering their complexity.

The purple thing above the mitten is the one I’m the most worried about finishing. It’s MimKnits Adamas Shawl (free) and it’s still a bit on the puny side considering the amount of time I have left. What’s really slowed me down has been adding beads to the pattern, something that I’ve been wanting to do for a long time, but a real time-eater. I’m using another Knit Picks yarn for this one (I’m kind of a fan), Shadow, a merino laceweight, in the Vineyard Heather.

Finally, dead center (and kind of dead-in-the-water), is the second Slippery Sock (remember?). It’s doing better know that I can cable without an extra needle, but of all of these projects, it is the one I want to work on the least. Just plain bad luck, considering how much I love the yarn, Mountain Colors Bearfoot in ‘Wilderness’, a birthday present from a friend.

That’s all for now. I’ll post again as I get closer to preparations for the spring semester and start finishing some of this pile. I hope.